Insurance Claim Administration Fees at Galedin Vets

From the 1st January 2024, an administration fee will apply for the completion of insurance claims.  

This fee is charged due to the amount of time associated with the administration of a claim following submission by a qualified team member. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting insurance companies regarding outstanding claims, processing settlement payments and invoicing the customer for deductions made by the insurer. 

The administration fee will be added at the point of payment or once a claim form has been handed in. Some insurance companies may cover the cost of this fee alongside the insurance claim, but please check with your insurer. Where the pet receiving treatment is a member of our Pet Health Plan, the administration fee will be waived.

If treatment of the claimed condition is ongoing for a duration of more than one day or more than one period of hospitalisation, multiple claim forms (paper or electronic) may be required throughout the course of the treatment, and a continuation claim administration fee will be payable for each continuation claim that is submitted. 

Claim forms are expected to be handed in at the point of treatment or within 10 working days.

For further support, please contact your local branch insurance administration team.  



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