24/7 care for pets, horses and livestock

Whatever time of day or night, there will always be a vet available to help your animals. All of our practices have an emergency out of hours service providing 24 hour a day care, for pets, horses and farm livestock.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the surgery you normally attend and you will be directed to the appropriate emergency vet.


Ring one of our emergency lines:

You may be asked to take your pet to one of the larger surgeries, or E-vets, Galashiels, to be seen. If using the E-vets, Galashiels service, please ask for an estimate of costs.

Some pets may need to be hospitalised overnight or longer, for further tests, or surgery. This is done at our main centres in Berwick, or E-vets, Galashiels, where you can be sure they’ll be made comfortable and benefit from the dedicated care of the veterinary team.

Vets and nurses will assess exactly what your pet needs and tailor a care plan, specific to your animal.



Unit 1, Easter Langlee Industrial Estate,

Melrose Road,



For Kelso and Galashiels clients, E-vets is located within our practice in Galashiels.  The practice is located at Unit 1, Easter Langlee Industrial Estate, Melrose Road, Galashiels, TD1 2UH.

To contact E-vets please call your normal surgery telephone number:

Kelso clients- 01573 224496

Galashiels clients- 01896 753759