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Mission for us all

Updated: Apr 25

So here's a mission for us all for 2022! Galedin is officially working towards a Bronze Investors in the Environment award.

Don't worry, this doesn't have to be a scary thing; completely the opposite in fact. It's a massively exciting award to be working towards and a pretty big feather in all of our caps too. I've attached our new environmental policy, please feel free to have a read.

As always, the first step here is I need some volunteers - as many of you as possible. We really do want as much engagement with this project as possible, both within our fantastic team and within the local community too. Initially what we need is 1-2 people from each site to be part of the Galedin "Green Group" (better name suggestions please!)

The next step will be for all of us to meet up (preferably in person, with sufficient distancing etc) and I'll fill you all in about the process, we'll throw some ideas around and then we'll get everyone onto a welcome call with our Investors in the Environment support officer, Emily.

Hopefully you'll all find this project as exciting as I do and there will be loads of volunteers

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