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Heather and Clare Netties

Updated: Apr 25

AS Storm Arwen raged around them, Galedin Vets clinical director Heather Boyle and senior nurse Clare Lackenby bravely continued surgery on their patient as 90mph winds tore the roof off the practice.

Heather and Clare made sure the dog was safe and well, before evacuating the building as the storm that devastated the UK last November caused devastating damage to Galedin’s Berwick surgery.

The pair were rewarded with a Nettie award by VetPartners, the UK veterinary group of which Galedin is a part, for their bravery.

The drama started after Heather, a clinical director, and senior RVN Clare were working the evening shift at Galedin Vets, handling a routine operation on a dog that had eaten part of a blanket.

They could hear bang and crashes as Storm Arwen whipped up around them, bringing down the roof and leaving huge metal sheets hanging perilously loose.

After completing surgery, Heather and Clare left the surgery to find their cars blocked by debris and had to leave in a practice van, reversing over fallen roof to get home.

They returned the next day to see their patient, who had happily recovered from surgery and was able to go home.

Each month, VetPartners rewards colleagues who have demonstrated our values of being supportive and approachable, working in collaboration with others, and showing respect and commitment.

They receive a £250 Love2Shop voucher, a certificate and a cuddly Nettie mascot.

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