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We realise this is a worrying time for all our clients, and we ask that you help us to reduce the risk to our visitors and the practice so that we can continue to care for your pets. If you or anyone in your immediate family/household are unwell or showing symptoms that could be attributable […]

Possible changes to the Pet Passport Rules

Unfortunately the Brexit process may cause significant changes to the Pet Passport regulations for dog and cat movement within the EU. Until we know the final outcome of negotations we won’t know the exact effects, however if you plan to travel after 29th March 2019 you should call to discuss any additional certification your pet […]

Kennel Cough Alert !

Over the last few weeks we’ve been seeing increasing numbers of dogs brought to the surgery with Kennel Cough, also known as Infectious Bronchitis. This highly contagious cough is picked up during any social contact between dogs and the term ‘Kennel Cough’ can sometimes create confusion, when infected dogs have never been into Kennels. We […]